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Please read everything in this thread before applying.

Thanks for your interest in applying with us. It's recommended that you read over most of the Guild Charter before you fill out an application, as this gives a good overview of who we are and how we work.

You do NOT need to register for the forums to apply for Ka Pai.

Simply create a new topic in this Applications forum, and enter a guest username. Alternatively, you may email your application to if you don't want it viewed publicly.

Ka Pai raids 5-9pm Server Time (7-11pm NZT) every Monday, Wednesday and Thursday.

We love detail! Being specific is good - "I am a good raider because I DPS the boss and stay out of fire" is not. Give us details!

If you want us to take you seriously, please use the following format when posting your application: (This answers most of the questions we'd ask of you anyway). (Copy and paste into your thread).

Character name:

Character class/spec:

What professions do you have?

Please provide an Armory link:

Why do you want to join Ka Pai?

Do you consider yourself to be a good raider? What in particular makes you good?

What is your raid experience so far in Cata? Any notable experience in Vanilla/BC/WotLK?

What do you find yourself doing in a typical boss fight? What spells/abilities do you use? What are your responsibilities? Be specific!

As a raider, you are expected to be prepared and knowledgable of your class. Tell us about your gem choices, enchant choices, how you prepare for raids, etc.

Please provide a recent WWS/WoL/WMO parse from a raid you attended. This is a requirement - see next post.

Please provide a link to a full-size screenshot of your UI, preferably in raid combat.

How would you describe your gaming computer? What sort of internet connection do you have? Do you experience disconnects in any fights?

Tell us a little something about yourself. (For example, age, location, occupation, etc).

What times are you generally online each day? Are you able to regularly make all of our raid nights?

Are you willing to be on standby periodically when group composition or numbers dictate, or if you are underperforming on a given fight?

How did you hear about Ka Pai?

Please name your thread along the lines of Application - Yournamehere to minimise the chance of it getting nuked as spam.

Note that your application may take up to a week or two to receive a definite yes/no reply, and you may be asked additional questions - please check back with your thread every day or two. Also note that your posts may take anywhere from an hour to a day to actually appear, as they must be approved by an officer. This is to stop spam, but it also lets you know that we are reading your posts :)
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Providing a WWS/WoL/WMO parse is a REQUIREMENT for applying to Ka Pai.

We rarely, if ever, accept people who apply without one, and if you don't include one, it will be the first thing we ask you for. Let's face it, we're math nerds, and a log gives us excellent insight into your raid awareness and play style. Just as a picture paints a thousand words, a log paints a thousand numbers. Please include one.

If you need to know more about setting up a recent WWS/WoL/WMO parse, follow one of the following links for more information and help with uploading a combat log:

We prefer World of Logs (WoL) where possible.
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To save both your time, and ours, please do not apply if any of the following is applicable to you, as it almost always follows with us declining your application.

1: Do not apply if you have incorrect/missing/inferior gems or enchants.
We expect all our raiders to always have the BiS enchants, and all epic gems. We also expect the same thing from our applicants, as it not only reflects your class knowledge, but the amount of effort you are willing to put into your toon, and raiding in general. In other words, no head/shoulder enchants with resilience (unless you're a tank), no missing enchants, and no rare/uncommon quality gems.

2: Do not apply if you aren't willing to back up your answers with evidence.
If your spec/rotation/gemming is "weird" explain why you chose it. "Because it works for me" is not the answer we're looking for - give us a good debate :)

3: Do not apply if your class knowledge is lacking.
If you need extensive advice regarding your rotation/spec/gemming/glyphs, this is not the guild for you.

4: Do not apply if you aren't willing to be on standby on occasion.

If any of the above applies to you, but you would like to apply down the track, please go to Elitist jerks - Class mechanics. All the relevant info you will find regarding optimal gemming/rotations/spec etc is there for the taking.

Thanks for reading, and good luck with your app!
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