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<Ka Pai> has a number of friends and family within the guild, who take on a Social rank.

  • Social members are not involved in raiding (with the odd exception on off nights or if we are short for a scheduled raid one night).
  • Social members are primarily there to be social - they have friends in the guild who they wish to be guilded with.
  • Social members do not have access to items in the guild bank - these are generally reserved for bettering raiders.
  • Social members are welcome to pug their own raids etc.

We do not usually take random people as social members - you should know someone (preferably a raider) in the guild already.

If you wish to join the guild as a social, you do not need to fill out the normal raiding application. You should do the following:
  • Read the guild charter. You will be required to be familiar with it (especially the first two sections) just the same as everyone else. Behaviour that reflects poorly on the guild in trade chat or pugs will not be tolerated, for example.
  • Understand that joining as a social is not a pass to raiding. If you wish to raid with Ka Pai you should be applying as a raider. Applying as a social then applying to raid a short time afterward is frowned upon - being a social is not a stepping stone to joining the raiding core. If you are in doubt about whether or not you may want to raid in the future, then apply as a raider. We do have the occasional social become a raider, but they have usually been with the guild for a while, and we have had a chance to see them in action regularly.
  • Get your friend in the guild to whisper an officer about getting a social invite.
  • Accept the invite :).
  • Sign up to the forum and whisper an officer in-game to let us know who you are to get your account activated!

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