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Ka Pai
Ka Pai is a Maori (native people of New Zealand) phrase meaning "very good" or "well done".

Ka Pai is a guild aimed at steady progression through end-game content. We value players who are dedicated and eager to explore new content. We are a tight-knit team that enjoys challenging ourselves, and pushing to meet new goals.

We believe in maximizing the potential of our raid time, rather than zerging content for hours on end. As such, all members should work hard to further their characters and their knowledge of encounters, inside and outside of game time.

We understand that the guild is not one person, or the officers, but rather the team of members as a whole. Members should conduct themselves with maturity, respect and professionalism both inside and outside of guild affairs, as the actions of each member reflects on the attitude of the guild as a whole. Members should feel welcome to involve themselves in guild discussion, if they so wish. Every member is important, and helps to shape the future of the guild, and its success.

Guild Rules
Show respect to your fellow guild mates, and others outside the guild. If you have a problem with a particular guild member, discuss it with an officer in whisper. Keep conflicts and drama out of guild chat.

Remember that the success of the guild as a whole depends on the skill and gear of every individual. Putting your trade skills to use furthering your guild mates is strongly encouraged, and you should never ask for payment from a guild member for this service. Be forthcoming in offering tips and advice to better your guild mates, but remember to keep it diplomatic and respectful; don’t put yourself or others down. In the same way, be accepting of advice offered to you, and be prepared to learn.

However, there’s a fine line between asking for help, and begging. We are not a guild that will give you a free ride, or pay for your epic mount. Remember that every other member worked hard to get where they are, they did not receive a free ride either. Excessive spamming for help could see you on the bad end of a guild kick.

Be respectful and accepting of officer decisions. Recognise that their job is not always easy and clear-cut, and sometimes hard decisions need to be made. If you have an issue with any decision, take it up with an officer in whisper, keep it out of guild chat.

Raid Rules
These rules are in place to ensure some sense of structure to our raiding environment, and to guarantee the best possible chance of success.

Attendance – While attendance is not a strict requirement, we are a raiding guild first and foremost, and as such you are expected to attend scheduled raids if you are of a raiding/trial rank. We DO NOT have signups. Unless an officer explicitly understands that you will not be able to make it, we will assume that you’ll be online and ready to raid. If you will not be able to raid at any time, do your best to make it known, either by making a post in the Absentee forums, or by telling an officer. If you consistently are seen to not be attending raids, you will likely be asked to supply a good reason why. If you join a raid, ensure you are able to stay for the full 4 hours, or inform an officer otherwise at the start of the raid.

Strong Attendance - Ka Pai seeks to reward those who turn up regularly to raids. If you miss an unreasonable number of raids (especially without prior notice), you will be demoted from Raider to Member, and must work hard to be promoted again. Raiders receive preference for invites, as well as additional privileges such as guild bank goodies from time to time.

Standby - Ka Pai recruits a handful of extras in each role so that we can always fill a raid, even if some members cannot attend due to real life circumstances. In addition, some boss fights require a certain number of healers, or tanks to ensure the best chance at success. As a result, periodically there may be a time where we simply cannot take everyone who is online to the raid. In this case, (group composition allowing), a simple priority system is used for invites - Raider > Trial > Member > Social. Standbys will be rotated day-to-day as much as is feasible (ie. noone should miss out on more than one raid per week). Any Raider or Trial who is not available for the first round of invites, may elect to go on standby up to half an hour after the commencement of the raid, or if needed by the raid.

Performance - In some cases, the raid leader may elect to sit out underperforming raiders in order to get an optimal group for a more difficult encounter. Generally this will not apply to easier "farm" content. If you find yourself being sat out for performance, make sure that you ask if you don't understand why, so you can find out how to improve next time.

Breaks - There will be only one 10-15 minute "bio" break per raid, at roughly half-time. Going AFK any other time is frowned upon. You should take advantage of this time to stretch your legs, grab a drink, or visit the bathroom. This is not the time to be hearthing and doing enchants/respecs etc - save all of this for outside raid time! Remember that you're wasting 24 other peoples' time if you are away from the raid longer than the scheduled time.

Read Strategies – While most fights will be explained to some extent while they are fresh and new, you should go out of your way to read about upcoming boss fights ahead of time. There are strategy threads available for many encounters in our Strategy forum.

Consumables – Particularly on progression content (as opposed to “farm” content), every little bit counts. You should go out of your way to bring sufficient consumables to every raid (ie. enough to last the full 4 hours). This means food buffs, flasks/elixirs, potions, etc. There is usually a Fish Feast available, although you should have spare food for when this is not the case. It is not fair on your fellow guild mates if they spend time outside raids farming consumables, and you turn up empty-handed. This is a slap in the face to their dedication, and will be frowned upon. If you consistently fail to bring consumables, your place in our raids will be under scrutiny.

Gear – We understand that skill is often more important than gear. However, beyond a certain point, performance becomes reliant on a minimum level of gear. You should do everything in your power to further your own personal gear. This includes running heroics for rep head/shoulder enchants, ensuring every item is fully gemmed and enchanted, obtaining crafted gear, badge gear, and so on. Remember that the guild’s success as a whole is dependent on every individual being as prepared as possible. Turning up to a raid with gear which is not gemmed or enchanted is not acceptable, even if you obtained those items in the previous night’s raid. In addition, don’t skimp on gems or leg threads/armor kits. Strive to have the best item in-slot. The guild bank may be able to assist you in obtaining enchanting materials or gems – contact an officer if this is the case.

Spec – While we endeavour to allow you to play in the style which you prefer, it is likely that you applied to the guild in a particular spec and role. Successful raids typically require the correct composition of tanks, healers, and dps classes, and acceptance into the guild may have been subject to these requirements. As such, you should discuss significant spec changes with an officer, to make sure that we will still have a raid slot for you in your new spec. In addition, raiding with a PvP spec over a PvE spec may not be seen as acceptable, and you may find yourself being replaced with someone else. You should be open to suggestions of ways in which you may improve your spec, and endeavour to research successful raiding specs as best you can. If you are a hybrid, it may be advantageous to have a secondary raiding spec/gear set. Our loot system allows for dual spec. Talk to an officer to determine which secondary spec will be most beneficial if you are unsure.

Reagents – Bring enough to last the full 4 hours. It’s better to bring too many than too few, and be prepared for the situation in which we spend a night wiping to a new boss (although we’ll do our best to make sure that doesn’t happen! :) )

Listen to the Raid Leader – Only one person should be leading the raid. If the leader asks for information, or if you disagree with something that has been said, offer your opinion in a whisper. Keep conflicting information out of raid chat. Only the raid leader should ever call for wipes, soulstones, battle rezzes, wipe protection, etc. Conflicting information will only confuse your fellow raiders, and vent chatter should be kept to absolute minimum (ie. it’s only important if it’s going to cause a wipe) during boss fights.

Be on Time – You should ideally be online half hour before the commencement of a raid. This gives you time to sort out your consumables, spec and gear, and gives the officers time to organise composition, and organise replacements where necessary. Invites for raids start ten minutes before the raid (ie. 6:50pm NZT, 4:50pm ST). In addition, you should never save yourself to a raid ID which does not belong to the guild unless that instance is officially off our raid schedule.

Loot Rules
A roll-based need/greed system is used for all 10-man loot, subject to the discretion of the loot master. If one raid member can clearly benefit more from an item, or the item is not a good fit for the winning member, the loot master may elect to award the item another way.

Remember that the success of the guild as a whole depends on the sum of our parts, and if one player gets stronger then we all get stronger.

EPGP DKP is used for progression 25-man raiding, as per this thread (only visible to members).

Mains and Alts
You should have a strong idea of which character is your raiding main, and which other characters are your alts. They should have guild ranks to match. It is expected that you bring your main to raids 90% of the time, and the only time you should ever bring an alt is for farm content, or if group composition requires a slightly different group make-up, at which point an officer will ask you to log over. Alts will not have lesser priority for gear rolls when they do join a raid; however their EP is separate to your main, and they will therefore not be likely to receive items unless noone else is interested.

Required Addons and Applications
  • Ventrilo – used for all voice communications. You are not required to talk but need to be able to listen.
  • Deadly Boss Mods or similar.
  • Omen or similar.
  • Decursive or similar.
  • Grid, VuhDo or similar recommended for healers.


Full Guild Bank Rules (member-only thread) available.

Change log:
  • 2009-06-02: Added raid Breaks clause.
  • 2009-07-08: Added Strong Attendance and Standby clauses. Various small tweaks.
  • 2009-07-30: Added some more detail to the Standby section.
  • 2010-06-22: Reworded Attendance clause. Added Performance clause to reflect changes in policy.
  • 2011-01-30: Small updates for Cata.

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